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as I promised I’m not going to stop sharing with you my thoughts and stories. Well, today (or more precisely, tonight) I’ve decided to talk a little bit about motivation. Being stuck with all those exams papers and deadlines during finals week, the only thing that keeps me alive and awake till 4 a.m. almost every night is the image of a mountain, fully covered with snow, white…untouched… just fascinating.

525057_10152098624476393_1861649649_n photos by Martin Radnev

This lovely picture harmonizes my body and soul that had been almost broken into pieces. The weekend is so close, kindly offering release from all those stress. At that moment, snowboarding is what motivates me. It does not matter if you are a professional or not, it does not matter even if it’s the same sport, just find something that you are passionate about and build from it your strong motivation.

563332_10152199430646393_1408531989_nSome people motivate themselves by measuring the time till the end of the finals, “Less than 12 hours till the one month freedom! That’s the motivation”, said Tsvetelina Zaharieva. However, this may not help if you cannot measure the hardship, how long the difficult period will last or the problems that you have… A real passion can be your inspiration in almost every situation. Snowboarding is the thought that kicks me out of bed each morning for the last 2 weeks. And it will continue so in many other situations.

bezbogMuch more can be said, but I need to get back to my papers. Remember that there is nothing more satisfying than having a good rest after you finish a hard project (or finite math exam in my case :D). Work Hard, Party Harder! In life, the faster you learn to motivate yourself, the more successful you’ll be. That was for tonight, expect some fresh snowboard videos soon…  Pray for snow and be happy! 🙂


One Day of A True Snowboarder

Dear readers, this is my final post completing the 15-week assignment for my multimedia class this semester. However, I would like to inform you that this will not be the last publication on my blog. People often say that when something ends, it brings a new exciting beginning after it.  Well, I am here, all waiting.

The first semester is almost over, but as for my journey it will never end as long as I am alive, because that is what happens with passions, you keep them in your heart forever. They guide you throughout your whole life and remain in your memories.

As I have said when my journey began, one of my greatest passions is snowboarding. This sport is something that needs to be visualized in order to be explained. That is why the editing/shooting skills gained during my multimedia class were so vital. The blog helped me to share the knowledge I have gained through the seasons and to spread the idea that snowboarding is an awesome sport. In my multimedia class I have learned how to shoot (a five-shot video) and edit my snowboard videos, and how to use the social media (Facebook and Twitter) to advertise my blog and reach even greater audience worldwide.

Furthermore, I already have some followers (Boris Marinov, Chanko Valev) who took into consideration my tips. They regularly read my posts and know are even more enthusiastic and prepared to explore the mountains in Bulgaria this winter season. The blog, the followers and the passion gave us the courage to establish a new club for winter sports at AUBG (Winter Junkies). By “us” I mean me and my boyfriend Rosen, whom I want to say great thanks for being right next to me in my project and for helping me collect a valuable content for the blog.

Finally, whit this post I would like to announce the official start of the winter season 2013-2014. More than half of the resorts in Bulgaria are now open and kindly welcome tourists. Once I finish with my final exams, readers might expect various wild videos and stories. In the future, I would like to create from my blog an independent snowboard medium in Bulgaria. It will offer various points of views and cover different events. Basically, it will keep track on what is happening in all Bulgarian resorts and will tell the wild stories of known and unknown snowboarders.

The video after this article presents an ordinary snowboard day from the sunrise to the night bar. It was recorded in “Osogovo Funpark” and in the first snowboard bar in Sofia (“Central Snowpark Maimunarnika”).  Enjoy.
soundtrack: Aro & Nevena- “A sega se usmihni”

 Kitzshteinhorn (3029 m) The place betwean heaven and earth

How far can you reach while being on that board? Well, it depends on your enthusiasm and preparation. For me, there is no such a limit. That was for today, Keep Calm and Snowboard ON!

“SnoWhere in Tirol” Film Premiere


It is December 3 and  Bulgarian mountains are already covered with snow :)))  Some people have already visited their favorite places and practiced  favorite winter sports. Unfortunately, I am not one of them, yet. The good news is that, snowboarding is now available in urban environment .  Opened on 29 November , Central Snow Park ” Maymunarnika “,in Sofia, Bulgaria will celebrate the official start of winter season 2013-2014 on December 7 with various surprises and free lessons. Maybe the most important part of the program is the premiere of the  new short- documentary film “SnoWhere in Tirol”.

You can find some interesting facts about the idea and video creation process in one of my previous posts (“Snow Shop” Pray for Snow and be Happy).
That was for today, my lovely readers… I hope to see many of you on Saturday 🙂

“Tandra” sport club will rock the mountains this season

Exciting news folks, it is SNOWING!!! There’s already some snow coverage in the mountains. Osogovo Funpark just opened the new season this weekend. Soon other Bulgarian resorts will also be ready for the new winter season. You might be wondering why I am not there now, well I have papers due and the finals are also coming. However, you might expect a snowboarding video of my friends and me after the next weekend 🙂 For my blog post this week, I’ve prepared for you an interesting story about the foundation of one of the contemporary snowboard clubs in Bulgaria – Club Tandra.

Photographers and videographers: Martin Radnev, Petar Milev, Teodor Asenov, Lyuba Popova

Sport club “Tandra” was established in 2007 as a pretty local club in Blagoevgrad and Bansko. The name was creatively chosen from the names of two of the parents of the founders, Tanya and Drago. Although everything started from a small group of enthusiasts, the club had 20 members, actively participating in national competitions, for the season 2012-2013. Even more people are expected to join the crew this winter. Just for now, the new number is 25 participants with age range between 16 and 34. I would like to mention, that I am also part of the crew.

petar (2)“Well, it is really difficult to say who the actual founders are. The founders are written only on documents. Basically, “Tandra” club started as a crew of friends, willing to spend their time skiing and snowboarding together.” said in an online interview the current manager of the club Petar Milev. Unfortunately, he is now outside the country, so I could not record a video with him.

The Trainer, as other members of the club call him, is really passionate about all winter sports. He explained, that he didn’t remember any concrete reason for establishing of the club. The basic ideas of his friends and him were to popularize snowboarding first in Blagoevgrad and the region and then in Bulgaria, to spread the zeal they have and to educate beginners, giving them the knowledge, the crew had gained through the years.

2. Chepelare 2013
At the beginning, the members of “Tandra” were not interested in any competitions or national winter tournaments. They just wanted to have fun, skiing and snowboarding, finding breathtaking places that have never been ridden before. Now, the members regularly attend different competition or events for winter sports. Dimitar Naydenov won a silver medal in the National Border cross series in Borovets Resort, Bulgaria.


“Everyone who wants to join the club is welcome! Basically, you pay the annual membership fee and you are already in, there are no skills required. If you are passionate enough, you will learn everything,” said Petar.

“Snow Shop” Pray for Snow and be Happy

As you have already seen in the video, today I’m going to show you one amazing place nestled in the center of Sofia and the girl who owns it. I spent the Saturday afternoon in her place called “Snow Shop” and we had an interesting conversation about her life, her shop and the passion about snowboarding and winter in general. Her mind is a colorful amalgam, her soul shines like a little star, and her heart is open to everyone.

1236218_387749931351851_1028058215_nphoto by Martin Radnev

Beti has been running the shop for three years now. As she mentioned in the video, her main goal is to provide people with more than just clothing. She often gives them advices, helps them finding the clothes that will fit them best, and educates them about snowboarding. She promotes healthy eating and healthy lifestyle, because she believes, it is the key component for achieving ultimate happiness in life. 425846_240344279425751_770478012_n

While we are still talking about helping and educating people, Beti also gave an important advice for those of you who haven’t chosen the right equipment yet. If one has to buy snowboard clothing, he or she would find useful her explanation:

“Well, it is really simple, but no one gets and I don’t know why. However, when I was a beginner, I also didn’t know this too. It is pretty much that you need to have three layers in your clothing: The first layer is a thermal shirt that creates heat while contacting your body. The second is a polar or hoodie that keeps the heat inside and the third one is the jacket that protects you from the weather conditions.  Yes, the last one is making you look like an astronaut.” [laughs]

Each winter season she travels to Austria, together with her boyfriend Ico and their dog Morris. In her words it is the best place for winter sports. That is one of the reasons their film is called “SnoWhere in Tirol”. It is something like an independent non-for-profit documentary and is going to be released on December 22, 2013. We talked a lot about video shooting and editing, so decided to use a longer video for this week’s blog post. I hope you enjoyed it. I promise to write something about the premiere of the movie, but for now you might just watch the trailer here:

the process of editing “SnoWhere in Tirol”


Morris the dog 🙂

That was for today, see you next week and remember: pray for snow and be happy ^^

“Rise Up” film screening


The premiere of the recently released Bulgarian snowboard film “Rise Up” achieved huge success. That is the main reason why Never Know Productions brings us the second screening of the film, which will be held tomorrow in “Mixtape 5”. It is one of the best clubs that keep Sofia alive at night.
The screening will be followed by an after party full of positive emotions, nice music and many many gifts for the new snowboard season. I’m definitely gonna be there, and so you should!!
Link for the event on facebook:


Go, prepare for the new season :)

Today’s post is again for the purpose of my multimedia class. With every new week, every new post, every new technology that we use, we are getting more and more advanced in our “Blogging adventure”. Storyfy is a very useful app for every contemporary journalist. It helps making sense of what people post on social media and builds a new information network that will give people the social perspective on any event. In my case, it is the preparation for the new winter season. Check out what I’ve done so far 🙂

Go, prepare for the new season 🙂

This is my first storify. As you can see, it is about snowboarding… While you’re waiting for the first snow, you might better save time and prepare all the needed equipment. Check out what others do.

  1. How many colofrul things you need… huhhh…
  2. Share a shot of your ski or snowboard gear. It makes the season get here faster. #MixAndMatch
  3. While you’re gathering the equipment for the new winter season, do not forget to buy a wax :p
  4. Many people are passionate about snowboarding. Now you know that cats also do love it 🙂

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